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Our web consultancy service is a fully tailorable service. We understand that you may have a specific web related task to complete. Talk to us, we can help. Here’s some examples of how we can help.

Web Review - You have an existing web site. You would like the design reviewed, to get a an outside perspective of it. Does it look good, is it easy to use, what are the good and bad points, etc. We’ll produce a comprehensive report on your site, with recommendations

Web Site Education - Don’t understand how you go about getting a site? How to set a site up yourself. How to manage your site, etc. We can help bring you up to speed, explain how it works.

Your Web Site Traffic - We can help set up or interpret web site stats. We can tell you about your traffic, highlight any potential issues, or suggest ways to improve things, based on the usage stats.

....these are just an example of the consultancy services. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


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