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Web Design Hampshire by Merlin Web Works

Web Design by Merlin Web Works

Web Design... surely anyone can do it?
This is ‘Yes’ anyone can build a web site. These days the web authoring tools are becoming easier to use, making it easy for just about anyone to build their own web site.

But is this web design?
Not really. Successful web design involves many aspects, that when brought together successfully, will result in the perfect web site to meet your requirements.


Step 1 - Work as a team.
The team is you and us. The closer we work together, the better we’ll understand your requirements. It will also help us explain the background to your site, how is it working for you.

Step 2 - Defining your requirements
This can be daunting, when considering to take the plunge and have a web site. Do you really know what you want? Some customer have a key reason why they want a web site, e.g. to sell, to be a placeholder, for a event, to show case. Other customers know they want a web site, but don’t know what they want. We can help here. We’ll discuss your requirements, help you define them, focus them, and help you understand how we can achieve them.... no matter where you are starting from.

Step 3 - The Web Site Plan
When we have discussed your requirements we’ll give you a Web Site implementation plan. This is a summary of what we’ll deliver to you. It will show the stages we’ll go through to get your web site live. This plan can evolve as we deliver, as your requirements change.

Step 4 - Reviewing our work
As your web site starts to take shape, we’ll keep you informed of the changes, and welcome all feedback. As you see the site evolve you may well decide to change your requirements, add new features, change direction... no problem. We’d expect that and welcome changes.

Step 5- The Future
Web sites are rarely static, they can always be improved and changed, as your business changes. Keeping your site ‘fresh’ is always a good idea, to keep your customers coming back. But how do you do that? We’ll help. When we have completed the defined and agreed project. We’ll review your site and suggest what can be done next, at some point in the future. You can choose to come back to us or just leave your site as-is, there’s no obligation. What ever you decide we’ll be on hand to help you in the future. Just an e-mail away!


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