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The humble shopping cart goes hi-tech!

You want a web site that has a fully integrated shopping cart function, in order to allow you customers to securely buy online, and pay online

This is the next big step for your web site. It’s one thing having a ‘place-holder’ web site, with your name and address and photo, but is this generating more business? Could you increase sales nationally and internationally by having buy online on your web site?

Talk to us, we can help. Here’s some examples of how we can help.

Recommend or Review a Secure Shopping Cart Package - The first step is choosing the right package. We can help with this and explain the facilities offered. You ‘ll need a basic understanding of what a shopping cart actually does for you, and how it fits into your web site and any payment system. We can also assist in the purchase of the online shopping cart package.

Setup and Configuration of the Shopping Cart - Having purchased the shopping cart you will need to ensure it is setup to work with your web site. This is no small task. We can set up the cart to work with your site, to give it the same design look as your web site, to make sure the notifications work and the payment system functions. There many options to shopping carts, but there are specific key features that you will need before it will work. We can take the confusion out of this, to get you going quickly.

Setup your online shop items - So you have a functioning web site, with integrated secure shopping cart. You now need stock to be placed online for customers to buy. We advise a staged roll-out. Why?... you now effectively have a second business, the same as your key business, but in a virtual online world. This brings a different set of challenges; you have different customers, products that are worth selling online and some that are not, you have to consider shipping of items and the associated. costs. How will it work? How will it all bolt together to give you a successful online shop? This is where we come in. We can easily explain how it works, so you can understand it. We can setup your online shop with the items you want to sell. We can introduce you your shop online in a phased approach, so that you can manage it alongside your normal business.

Expanding your online shop - As your online business expands how will you grow it, to make it more successful? We can provide on-going support and maintenance, to take the burden away from you, so you can focus on the business. We can provide ad-hoc support or support based on a monthly retainer. Ongoing support can help grow the shop quicker and make sure that it is kept up to date.

....these are just an example of the Shop Online set and maintenance tasks that we can provide. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


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